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    6 Reasons You Should Consider Sleep Dentistry

    Sleep dentistry has been offered at Sleep Dentistry Melbourne at Coburg Dental Group for over 60 years. So why consider this mode of treatment?

    1. It is safe

    Sleep dentistry is a safe and effective way of receiving treatment in our state-of-the-art facility.  We can also provide the same service in private hospital setting especially for those people who have a compromised medical status. Whilst all treatments do carry risks, they are very rare and will be fully explained to you at your consultation visit prior to the treatment being undertaken.

    2. Sleep provided by a specialist anaesthetist

    Our aim is to provide the safest possible modality of treatment for our patients and that is exactly why our sleep dentistry sedation or general anaesthetic is provided by a medically qualified specialist anaesthetist and not a dentist. Some dentists call themselves dental sedationists because they do a 2 year part-time diploma course.  They do not give the same standard of care and can only provide some forms of sleep dentistry.  In addition, the seditionist dentist is expected to focus on the dental work and monitor the patient’s vital signs at the same time. We believe this has the potential to be a dangerous situation.  In our clinic, we also have the support of an anaesthetic nurse who assists the anaesthetist throughout the procedure and monitors our patients during the post-operative recovery period.

    3. Comprehensive treatment in one visit

    Complex and/or comprehensive dental treatments and procedures with long duration can easily be provided with sleep dentistry Melbourne at Coburg Dental Group. Our treatments, for example, include the removal of wisdom teeth, all aspects of implant treatment , crowns, bridges, veneers and smile enhancement, and children’s dentistry.

    4. Experienced dentists

    Our experienced dentists Dr Jeffrey Kestenberg, Dr Matthew Siebel and Dr Christina Jovanovic can help you with all of your dental requirements. We suggest that if you are interested in sleep dentistry for yourself or a loved-one, make an appointment to see one of our dentists for an initial consultation. At that appointment, we can determine what treatment is required.  We may need to have some x-rays and other special tests to determine a final treatment plan.  We will discuss your proposed treatment and possible alternatives in detail.  You will also receive a definitive and fixed quote for the treatment fees so there are no hidden or additional costs or surprises after the treatment is completed.

    5. Cost effective and claim on Medicare

    Having all of your dental treatment in one appointment is not only convenient for many patients but can also be cost effective especially when considering down-time and time off from work , and family life. Whilst the costs of sleep dentistry do include the costs of the specialist anaesthetist, these anaesthetic fees are claimable on Medicare and as a guide approximately 50% of the anaesthetist’s fee is rebated  to the patient. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost of general dental treatment.

    6. Ideal for very anxious patients and uncooperative children.

    Anyone and everyone can have sleep dentistry but it is particularly indicated for patients who are nervous or anxious, cannot tolerate dental treatment because of issues such as gagging, or cannot lie back to receive dental treatment.  Uncooperative children and all-abilities patients are also commonly treated with sleep dentistry.

    To make an appointment to see one of dentists for sleep dentistry, just call (03)9386 1805.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.