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    7 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Their Benefits

    Are you looking for cosmetic dentistry Essendon, Coburg or nearby? At Coburg Dental Group we can offer you all aspects of dental treatment to enhance your smile.  Here are some of the more common techniques which we employ on a daily basis.


    The whitening of teeth which is also known as tooth bleaching is a simple and cost-effective way of making your teeth look whiter.  This can be performed in 1 visit using a technique called Zoom® whitening or can be performed at home using customized mouthguards made by a dentist. There is no damage to the enamel of the teeth nor does it make the enamel more susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease. The teeth are whitened with a very obvious and dramatic change to a lighter and brighter smile.

    Composite Bonding

    A smile assessment by one of our experienced dentists, may determine a need to change the shape of one or more teeth or to close gaps between the teeth. Composite bonding may be suggested to you as the ideal treatment. Composite resin is an artificial enamel or tooth coloured filling material which often requires very little drilling of tooth structure to achieve the desired result. It is a quick and simple treatment which usually takes one visit to complete.

    Porcelain veneers

    Imagine a thin wafer of porcelain glued on to the outside surface of your front teeth, similar to a false fingernail glued on a nail but immensely stronger and you have a porcelain veneer.

    We use veneers for a long-term solution for most smile enhancement improvements including colour changes, changing the shape of teeth, lengthening teeth, closing gaps between teeth and so on. We can computer generate a mock-up of your smile to discuss your smile with you before treatment commences.


    If teeth are poorly positioned, overcrowded, over-erupted or gappy, orthodontic treatment such as braces may be the solution for an improved smile.  This treatment is often followed up with some of the other techniques which have been described above.  Dr Matthew Siebel at Coburg Dental Group is very experienced in providing orthodontic treatment for both adults and children. Both metal and tooth coloured braces can be offered at our clinic.


    At Coburg Dental Group, we can provide clear aligner therapy as an alternative to braces for selected cases. An aligner is a clear plate that is worn over the upper and lower teeth to slowly change the position of the teeth.  Whilst this treatment can be slower and more expensive than braces, it has the distinct advantages of looking better than metal braces and the teeth are easier to clean because the aligners can easily be removed for cleaning or eating and drinking.


    If one or more teeth need to be extracted or are missing, then dentures can be a very aesthetic solution to create a beautiful smile. The denture teeth can be as white as you like and the teeth can in all shapes a sizes. Dentures are removable which can be advantageous for some patients especially in terms of cleaning the teeth on a daily basis and repairing teeth on the odd occasion that it may be required.


    Another way of replacing missing teeth is to place implants.  Whilst not all patients are suitable for implant treatment, they are a permanent fixture in the mouth and cannot be removed so they feel similar to your own teeth.  Our dentists can discuss your case and suitability for implant treatment. Like dentures, implant teeth can be as white as you like or we can match your own teeth exactly.

    The assessment and treatment planning for a smile improvement can be simple and can be complex. It can be economical or can be quite costly. There can be a quick solution and alternatively treatment can take many months. Also, there are usually alternative treatments which need to be considered.  Therefore a considered and planned approach by the dentist is usually required. To make an appointment to see one of dentists for a consultation about improving your smile, just call (03)9386 1805.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.