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    What Is Orthodontic Dentistry

    At Coburg Dental Group we provide expertise in orthodontics for our orthodontics Preston patients for straightening teeth and improving your smile. We can restore your self-confidence if you want to change the look of your smile and overall appearance of your teeth, whilst at the same time improving the functionality of your bite and making cleaning much easier.

    Our orthodontics Preston practice can provide a range of treatments from Myobrace, clear aligners (Invisalign), partial and full braces, and plates which are designed to restore a beautiful smile. As a first step we encourage you to arrange an initial consultation with Dr Matthew Siebel who has vast experience over many years in orthodontics.

    Orthodontics Preston Treatments

    At the initial consultation, Dr Siebel will explain the possible treatments which may be suitable for you and give you an initial estimate of the costs and time of treatment. He can offer a number of different orthodontic treatments to give you that winning smile. The discussion will include a full and comprehensive chat so that you know all the facts before consenting to treatment. All your questions will be answered and we will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the various treatments.

    After the initial consultation, once you are happy with the possible treatments outlined by our orthodontics Preston practice, we will schedule an appointment for a more detailed assessment which includes the taking of x-rays, impression taking and other measurements so that the tooth alignment can be assessed and treated. We will then detail the treatment plan including the costs and the findings of your assessment.

    Orthodontics Preston Best Practice at Coburg Dental Group

    After the assessment, you’ll be on your way to straighter and beautiful teeth. If you’re having braces, we will book you in again every 6 weeks for reviews with ongoing assessments and adjustments. We ensure the perfect smile is achieved for you, so the length of treatment will vary for each patient but will be detailed approximately to you during the assessment phase. Delays and cancelled appointments will lengthen treatment time and this can sometimes be longer than the initial delay itself.

    We do have various different types of braces available through our orthodontics Preston practice, including traditional braces, tooth coloured braces and clear aligners such as Invisalign. Of course, not all types of braces are suitable for all patients, especially those who require much more movement of teeth to correct their smile. Therefore, at the initial consultation, we can detail what is the best solution for you individually.

    For further information about our orthodontic treatment and our range of orthodontics Preston treatments, please contact us 7 days a week, either by phone on (03) 9386 1805 or email to

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.