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    Why Do You Need A Family Dentist

    A family dentist provides general dental health services to people of all age groups from babies to the elderly. At Coburg Dental Group we are general dentists providing the full range of dental services so if you are looking for a family dentist Reservoir you are definitely at the right place. Whilst it is logical to think that a family dentist serves families with children, an adult patient doesn’t need to have children to see a family dentist.

    Types of procedures

    Common responsibilities of a family dentist include checking gum health, minimising plaque build-up around the teeth, treating and preventing tooth decay. However we have extended our services to be able to provide the full range of dental treatment including smile enhancement (which some people call cosmetic dentistry), crown and bridgework, implants, orthodontics, sleep dentistry, root canal treatment, treatment of sleep apnoea and snoring, dentistry for children, wisdom teeth removal, oral surgery, digital, low-dose x-rays, oral cancer screening, treatment of tongue tie and lip tie and laser dentistry.

    One of the benefits of seeing a family dentist on a regular 6 monthly basis as recommended by the Australian Dental Association, is that dental problems are often diagnosed and therefore treated, before the patient experiences symptoms. This can save you from experiencing pain and prevent more costly treatments. We will also keep you up-to-date with the best tips for taking care of your teeth and gums and new innovations to improve your smile.

    When Should You Take a Child to the Family Dentist for the First Time?

    You should take your child to the family dentist Reservoir at Coburg Dental Group within the first six months of your child’s first tooth if there are any issues such as eating problems, or brown spots on the teeth or at the latest by their second birthday. We don’t expect children to be very co-operative at that age so we make it fun for them and we call these early visits to our clinic “fun visits”.

    Children have different needs than adults, so ensure you find a dentist who works well with children. It is important to schedule check-ups for your children early on because it will determine whether or not their teeth are developing correctly in the mouth. Teeth that aren’t erupting correctly can cause problems with speech, eating, and aesthetics.

    When you take a young child to the family dentist, the dentist will evaluate tooth eruption and growth patterns, let you know how to care for the child’s teeth and gums, and provide dietary advice for healthy teeth. Family dentists will also explain what you should do in the event of a dental emergency, such as a tooth being knocked out or chronic pain from an infection.

    Helpful Tips for Keeping Children’s Teeth Strong and Healthy

    There are a lot of important things parents need to know for helping their children grow and maintain healthy teeth. You may be surprised and learn something new when you first consult with one of our dentists.

    Early visits to our family dentist will help your child develop good dental health and oral hygiene habits. Typically, you should bring your child to the dentist every six months, unless their dentist recommends more frequent visits due to an issue with your child’s oral health. We recommend family visits to the dentist to make it a whole family experience.

    What’s the Difference Between a Family Dentist and a Paediatric Dentist?

    Paediatric dentists only treat infants and children under the age of eighteen. However, family or general dentists treat patients of all ages. Teenagers can still receive treatment from a paediatric dentist, but once they’re adults, they will have to seek treatment from another type of dentist such as a family dentist or general dentist. Paediatric dentists need to undergo 2-3 years of specialty training at a university based dental school in order to learn the special needs of children and how to work with them. They are also taught how to provide dental care to children with special needs such as children with autism spectrum disorder. Our dentists at family dentist reservoir at Coburg Dental Group have many years of experience treating patients of all ages and patients with special needs.

    Why Is It Important to Take Care of a Baby Teeth?

    Some parents erroneously think that baby (primary) teeth are not important so they don’t take their children to the dentist until they lose their baby teeth and the adult teeth start to grow. They think that the primary teeth will fall out soon and are only temporary, so it’s not a serious issue until the first adult tooth grows. However, if the baby teeth are lost early, or don’t grow correctly, the adult teeth are likely to grow through the gum incorrectly and crate an orthodontic issue. So it’s important to take care of children’s primary teeth because it helps them to form good habits from an early age, they help children chew food correctly, speak clearly, and create a good pathway for the adult teeth to grow.

    What to Do When a Child Has a Toothache

    If your child has a toothache, you can ease their pain by giving paracetamol or ibuprofen. Then call us on 9386 1805 to arrange an urgent appointment. If there is swelling of the face, you can also place a cold compress on the face for 10 minutes to reduce swelling and ease the pain. Never apply aspirin or other painkillers directly on to your child’s tooth.

    What Should I Do When a Tooth is Knocked Out?

    If a tooth is knocked out, find the tooth and carefully pick it up by the crown and not the root. Do not try to clean the tooth or rub it. Do not wash the tooth in water. You should not touch the root because if the root is damaged, it cannot be re-inserted correctly in the mouth. Place the tooth in a tooth preservation kit or milk for safely travelling to the dentist. Call us immediately on 9386 1805 for an urgent appointment. Time is critical for long term success of the treatment of knocked out teeth so we must be quick to attend to this.

    How to Protect Teeth When Children Play Sports

    If your child plays any contact sports such as football or basketball, we recommend that you have a custom-fitted mouthguard made for them by family dentist Reservoir at Coburg Dental Group. Not only does a mouthguard prevent injuries to the teeth but it can help to protect the child from head and soft tissue injuries too. A mouthguard that is custom-fitted for the child is more comfortable to wear, and easier to breathe with than an over the counter mouthguard so kids are more likely to keep it in their mouths.