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    What are the benefits of orthodontics?

    Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which predominantly involves straightening crooked and/or crowded teeth but it also promotes good jawbone growth.

    The obvious benefit and the most common reason that people seek to have orthodontic treatment is to have a beautiful smile which is so important for self-confidence and attraction to other people. A wide smile with a significant amount of tooth display when the lips are separated, communicates and happy, self-assured and positive personality. We would all rather be friends with a person with a beautiful smile rather than the same person who never smiles and seems to be grumpy and withdrawn.

    Orthodontics, when performed correctly, and in particular, at the right time, will give a patient a well-proportioned jaw profile with good lip support when the lips are together at rest. That is to say, the appearance of a face is influenced by the correct position of the teeth and the growth of the jaw bones as the teeth are erupting.  This type of orthodontics can simply involve wearing a dental plate known as a Myobrace® which is predominantly worn at night with increasing usage during the day. This plate facilitates good jaw growth to make room for the adult teeth to erupt into good position.  Often this is the only treatment, which is required or if braces are still required, it is for a much shorter period of time and so is considerably cheaper than a full course of orthodontics.

    That is why, at Coburg Dental Group orthodontics Reservoir, we aim to treat these orthodontic issues at a very early age so that we can maximize the best potential growth and development of the teeth and jaws before they become a major issue. The old-fashioned way of treating orthodontic issues during the teenage years, can result in compromised treatments and then sometimes jaw surgery is required to achieve an acceptable profile and satisfactory result.

    There can also be other issues associated with mal-aligned or crooked teeth such as having a crooked bite which is known as a malocclusion.  The upper and lower teeth need to interdigitate evenly on both sides for efficient biting and chewing. If this is problematic, it can lead to uneven wear of the teeth, clenching of the teeth, a condition known as parafunction of the teeth and jaw pain (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) which can also be felt as facial pain, neck pain and headaches.

    If you’re looking for orthodontics Reservoir, Coburg Dental Group can offer you very affordable orthodontics by Dr Matthew Siebel who is very experienced in early intervention orthodontics, conventional orthodontics, orthodontic plates and clear aligners such as Invisalign®. To make an appointment, call (03) 9386 1805 or book on-line to see Dr Siebel. A referral is not required to see Dr Siebel.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.