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    Smile Makeover – Veneers in a Day

    So much has been written about cosmetic dentistry Melbourne, and it is difficult to know what option is best for you. Do you need tooth whitening, fixed orthodontics, clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign®, composite bonding, laser gum recontouring, veneers or crowns?  Do you need a combination of these treatments?

    The good news for our patients is that we offer all of these services under one roof at Coburg Dental Group.

    Our newest and most innovative technology is our 3D digital scanning and 3D milling machine which is known as Cerec. We have been using this CAD-CAM technology for over 5 years and it has revolutionized the way we treat patients who require aesthetic improvements of their smile.

    We first started using this German engineered technology to make all-ceramic crowns for our patients. These crowns are made in one visit.  So, for example, a patient walks in with a broken tooth and the final definitive treatment -a crown is in place in 2-3 hours.  Most of that time, the patient is waiting for the milling and processing of the ceramic crown so we always recommend to bring a book, your laptop or I-Pad to use during the wait time.

    We can now offer the same technology, to offer the same one-day service for tooth coloured veneers. Dr Matthew Siebel at Coburg Dental Group will consult with you to determine if you are suitable for this mode of treatment.  It is particularly useful for people with discoloured teeth, worn teeth, and smiles with gaps between the teeth.

    The treatment involves roughening the outer surface enamel of the front 6-10 teeth, making a 3D digital scan of the teeth using an intraoral scanner which looks like a metal rod the size of your thumb.  The scan is then transmitted to our milling machine to make the veneers. This milling process takes approximately one hour. You can watch the milling machine from our patient viewing area located next to our front door.

    Once the veneers are manufactured, they are cemented (glued) in to place permanently with a tooth-coloured material to give a strong reconstruction of a beautiful smile.

    Many of our patients want to know what their smile will look like before they start the treatment.  This can easily be done as a free service using an App which is available for Android and Apple phones.  It is called MySmileSim.  Just download the App, take a selfie, enter Coburg Dental Group as your dentist and we’ll do the rest.  Your simulated smile enhanced photo will be returned to you within an hour and often much quicker.

    If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry Melbourne, and in particular our latest technology, call (03) 9386 1805 to make an appointment with Dr Matthew Siebel for a consultation.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.