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    Missing Teeth? Here are Your Options

    If you’re embarrassed by gaps in your teeth, you’ll be happy to know that there are many tooth replacement options available.

    The option you choose will depend on the number of teeth missing and the location of the gaps in the arch. Some of the most common tooth replacement options are dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

    Dental Bridges

    Dental bridges are ideal for people who have lost two or more neighbouring teeth. The 2 most commonly used bridges are traditional bridges and Maryland bridges. Traditional bridges have a crown on either side of the replacement teeth (pontics). The crowns go over the teeth located on either side of the gap. The replacement teeth fill the gap and function like your normal teeth.

    A Maryland bridge has metal wings on either side of the replacement tooth. The dentist uses a dental adhesive to stick the wings to the inside of your healthy teeth. Maryland bridges are ideal for people who are missing their front teeth. But they’re not as strong as fixed bridges or implant supported bridges.


    There are two types of dentures available; namely full and partial dentures. Partial dentures are better suited to patients who have lost only a few teeth. Full dentures are ideal for those who have extracted all teeth in the oral cavity. Partial dentures contain a framework of metal and plastic. They also contain clasps or hooks that go around the healthy teeth. If you’re thinking about getting partial dentures, ask the dentist about precision partial dentures. They offer better aesthetic value than traditional partial dentures.

    Full dentures sit on top of your gums. They take some getting used to but they allow you to eat and speak normally. To create a model, the dentist will take several impressions and measurements of your mouth. You will have to attend 4-5 sittings for this purpose. Dentures are not as expensive as dental implants. They do have certain drawbacks. But they’re the next best alternative to implants.

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants feel like your natural teeth. The dentist inserts them into your bone to support replacement teeth. The best process for getting dental implants is to allow for complete healing, this can take up to one year. Patients also need anaesthesia for the surgery.

    The dentist inserts an implant into the jaw bone and leaves it in to integrate with the bone and surrounding tissues. After osseointegration takes places, the dentist fixes replacement teeth over the implants. These replacement teeth function like your natural teeth. They won’t shift in your mouth and they withstand chewing forces. Besides, they’re permanent.  So they don’t need adjustments like dentures.

    Dental Implants and More for Coburg

    If you’re looking for a professional dentist in Northcote, Brunswick or Preston, visit Coburg Dental Group. Our dental staff have years of experience and offer a wide range of services. From general and preventive dentistry to cosmetic and laser dentistry, we do it all under one roof.

    We specialise in oral cancer screenings, dental implants and teeth whitening. We also offer interest free payment plans and on the spot insurance claims.

    If you want to discuss your options for tooth replacement, give us a call on 03 9386 1805. Our expert cosmetic dentist in Coburg will give you the best treatment plan to restore your smile.