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    6 Tips to Encourage Good Dental Hygiene in Children

    If you teach your children about dental hygiene, they will develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

    As parents it can be challenging to get kids to brush regularly. But if you keep in mind a few tips and tricks you will be able to steer them in the right direction.

    1. Be a Good Role Model

    The most important thing is to let your children watch you while you brush or floss. Brush along with them and give them a chance to brush your teeth as well. Model good dental hygiene and they’ll pick up good habits from you.

    1. Look for Attractive Brushes and Toothpaste

    Look for brushes that have popular children’s characters on them. Alternatively, buy an electric toothbrush for them. Kids love to turn the brush on and off and switch settings. This could encourage them to brush regularly. Toothpastes that have your child’s favourite character are equally exciting. Another good investment is water floss. Instead of teaching your kids how to thread the cord between their teeth, it’s easier to teach them how to use water floss. All they have to do is aim and floss away.

    1. Use Stories to Teach Them About Oral Hygiene

    Use story time to teach them valuable lessons about dental care. You could create your own tales by including their favourite characters in the story. There are plenty of animated videos online that teach children about oral care. You could show them a few videos or look up your library for children’s tales on dental hygiene.

    1. Take Your Children to the Dentist When You Have an Appointment

    It’s a good idea to allow your children to watch you undergo simple dental procedures. This will familiarise them with common dental treatments. They’re less likely to be anxious or stressed at the dentist’s clinic when it’s their turn to undergo treatment.

    1. Watch Your Child’s Diet

    It’s important to stop your child from snacking on sugary treats during the day. Reserve those treats for dessert. Sugary substances get lodged in the gaps between the teeth and erode the enamel. Encourage them to brush after eating anything sweet. This will protect them from tooth decay and gum diseases in the long run. Also give them a mix of foods including vegetables and meats. This should meet their protein and calcium requirements.

    1. Take Them for Dental Check-ups at Least Once a Year

    Start taking your child to the dentist when he gets his first teeth. If you start early, your child won’t develop any fear of visiting the dentist. Try to appear enthusiastic about dental visits and avoid showing signs of anxiety. This will help your child cope with routine dental checks. As your child grows older, the dentist will look for signs of tooth damage or malocclusions. Preventive treatment goes a long way. It avoids complicated dental procedures and saves both time and money.

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