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    Crooked Teeth- What you can do

    Crooked teeth are seen less commonly as more people seek out orthodontic treatment. Many people who have crooked teeth tend to hide their smile and can have a poor self-image and low self-esteem. However, help is at hand with new dentistry technologies.

    There are many options available to you if you have crooked teeth and wish to straighten them. Don’t wait! Start on the path to the smile you’ve always wanted today.

    Traditional Braces

    Your Melbourne orthodontist is someone who has been trained specifically to straighten your teeth. Orthodontics is here to straighten your misaligned teeth. The traditional route for straightening teeth and correcting things like underbites, overbites and crossbites is to put metal braces on the patient. These traditional metal braces are brackets that are attached to the front of the teeth and connected by metal wires. If you have severely crooked teeth, traditional braces are the best method for correcting them. These are also more common in children and teenagers than adults.

    Nearly Invisible Braces

    You also have the option of nearly invisible braces, or clear braces, like Invisalign. These consist of plastic trays that fit over your teeth. Nearly invisible braces provide a more discreet alternative to traditional braces. You can remove them for a special occasion or if you need to eat or brush your teeth. Clear braces are perhaps more expensive than traditional braces, but they are more hygienic and more comfortable, as well. These don’t work on severely crooked teeth.

    Invisible Braces

    These braces are attached behind the teeth in the same way that traditional metal braces are attached to the front. Each bracket is customised to your teeth so that they work to correct your teeth much faster. These are, however, more costly than traditional braces.


    More than just the dental tool you use after you get your braces off to make sure that they do not go back to their crooked ways, retainers can be used to correct minor problems like tooth gaps or a single crooked tooth. Retainers are the cheapest options, but they require a decent amount of attention and excellent oral hygiene, mainly because the metal wires scratch the enamel surface of your teeth, which will eventually lead to tooth decay if you are not careful.

    Porcelain Veneers

    Porcelain veneers are used for more than just cosmetic dentistry. They, too, can be used to correct minor problems by simply covering them up. They are a simpler option for some patients than braces because the dentist will put them on you and that’s it. You don’t have to come in for readjustments every few weeks. Porcelain veneers are permanent and stain resistant. This solution is more suited for patients who are over the age of 35.

    Do you have crooked teeth and want to have them corrected? Make an appointment today with Coburg Dental Group, or give us a call for more information.