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    What Is Sleep Dentistry And How Do People Benefit From It?

    Sleep dentistry is the provision of dental treatment while the patient is asleep.

    It is a safe and effective way to treat patients who are very nervous about having dental treatment or where extensive treatment is required or where a medical or physical condition prevents a patient from receiving dental treatment while awake.

    For example, if you require your wisdom teeth to be removed, it is often much easier to have the treatment while you’re asleep. You are not aware of anything at all.

    The process is very simple. If you have wisdom tooth pain, just call our clinic on 9386 1805 to make an appointment for a consultation.  Our dentist will examine your mouth and take an OPG or CBCT x-ray (in our clinic) to assess the roots of the wisdom teeth.  We will then arrange the treatment under anaesthetic with one of dentists and the anaesthetic team. In the meantime, you may need a prescription for an analgesic or antibiotic, if required, to make you comfortable and prevent the progress of infection, until your final treatment date.

    Patients can also have combinations of treatment such as having teeth removed, a crown made, root canal treatment, fillings and a cleaning, all provided in the one sleep dentistry Melbourne session.  We can do this because of our in house, one visit, crown technology known as Cerec and the high level of training and experience of our dentists, hygienists and dental nurses.  Naturally, all of this needs to be carefully planned and that is why we need to gather as much information as possible at the initial consultation and why we need to take x-rays and sometimes perform special tests as required.

    Sleep dentistry Melbourne is provided in our clinic at Coburg Dental Group. We have a very experienced team consisting of a medically qualified specialist anaesthetist, a specially trained anaesthetic nurse and of-course our experienced team of dentists and dental nurses.  The anaesthetic equipment and monitoring equipment which we use is state-of-the-art and it complements the newly renovated and equipped premises of Coburg Dental Group.

    Whilst there are additional fees for the anaesthetic component of the treatment, the anaesthetic does attract a Medicare rebate which is approximately half of the anaesthetist’s fee. The fees for the dental treatment are the same as if the patient is awake and is based on a fee for service. Given that all of the treatment is performed in one session of sleep dentistry, many patients have found this mode of treatment to be more economical compared to taking off several days from work or school to receive dental treatment in the more common setting of the dental chair.

    For further information or to make an appointment, please call us on (03) 9386 1805.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.