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    Getting Sedated at the Dentist

    It may surprise you, but not many people like going to the dentist. Some people actually have a fear of the dentist. It’s mostly a fear of pain that is coupled with anxiety. This is a problem because being afraid to go to the dentist may be detrimental to your oral health. Preventative dentistry includes regular check-ups and cleanings with the dentist to ensure that there are no problems or to address any problems before they get worse.

    For this reason, many people choose to be sedated for their trips to the dentist. Inhtravenous  sedation supervised by a medically qualified anaesthetist, is the safest form of sleep dentistry and is very helpful for scared or nervous patients.


    Who Should Consider Sleep Dentistry? 

    The patients who would benefit the most from sleep dentistry are people who:


    • Have a low pain threshold or sensitive teeth and gums
    • Have problems with local anaesthetic
    • Can’t stand needles in their mouth
    • Dislike noises, smells, taste and feeling of dental treatment
    • Have strong gag reflex
    • Have jaw problems
    • Experience complex dental problems and need long sessions
    • Are fearful or anxious
    • Find dental treatment tedious, uncomfortable, boring
    • Have disabilities that prevent them from sitting in dental chair for treatment


    Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

    The great thing about sleep dentistry is that the anaesthetist can adjust the depth of sedation at will. The recovery time is only a few minutes, so you won’t need to arrange a ride even if you do get put under. The effects come on as quickly as they can leave, and they can be altered moment to moment.

    Sleep dentistry eliminates the awareness, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and pain of needles, instruments and drilling. It is very useful for patients who experience panic attacks or anxiety at the dentist, eliminating fears, anxiety and discomfort.

    It also allows you to skip the boredom, discomfort and tedium of a dentistry session. This is especially useful if you have complex dental issues that will necessitate long sessions.

    To learn more about sleep dentistry and to see if its right for you, contact Coburg Dental Group today or book an appointment online.