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    Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

    At Coburg Dental Group’s cosmetic dentistry Melbourne, we provide a wide range of different aesthetic options. From whitening through to full mouth reconstruction, if you are unhappy with your smile our complete, in-house, experienced team are  leading professionals in all aspects of dentistry.

    (For your information, the Dental Board of Victoria does not permit the use of the term Cosmetic dentistry because it is not a recognized speciality within the field of dentistry but we all know what this means and many people ask us for it.)

    Whether your goal is small, subtle improvements, replacing out-dated and worn dental work, or issues with the chewing functionality and appearance of your teeth, we aim to create our patients dream smiles with the use of the most modern and innovative dental techniques and equipment. Changing the position, size, length, shape, position, colour, texture or proportion of your teeth is completely possible with coordinated smile enhancement treatments from Cosmetic dentistry Melbourne @Coburg Dental Group.

    What is possible with smile enhancement?

    There is a wide variety of treatment options. This can range from whitening, orthodontics, porcelain veneers, implants, bridges & crowns on just a few teeth right through to a full mouth reconstruction which treats the whole mouth.

    We have a long-standing catalogue of patients who not only received amazing aesthetic treatment, but also the best possible function. We can treat the following issues and more:-

    • Poor colour of teeth
    • Crooked teeth
    • Over crowded teeth
    • Gaps, spaces and missing teeth
    • Dark areas in the gum line
    • Cracks in teeth
    • White patches in teeth eg fluorosis
    • Change the shape of teeth especially in the smile line
    • Showing a lot of gum when smiling- a gummy smile
    • Rebuild and replace broken down teeth and decayed teeth
    • Narrow smiles which don’t show many teeth
    • Bite or chewing issues
    • Short or worn down teeth from tooth grinding
    • Replacing old dental work such as dental amalgam


    We love helping our patients show off their beautiful smile, achieving their dental goals. As part of that process and before we begin the smile design process you will be provided with an individualized and customized treatment plan. This plan may include just one or several treatment options for your consideration.

    Porcelain Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

    Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular treatments to improve a smile. When you think of porcelain, you may think of fragile things like porcelain vases but the porcelain used in dentistry is different. Dental porcelain is extremely strong – even tougher than natural healthy tooth enamel. Our customized veneers are thin, yet strong, enamel replacements that are used to cover only the front surface of the tooth. They wrap slightly around the edges to create a full and natural appearance. Our veneers and crowns are crafted at our laboratory, so our technician can create your dream smile. The flexibility of these treatments allows us to work on one or two teeth, or all of the front teeth if required.

    Full mouth reconstruction

    Over the years, we have had many patients who have suffered with their teeth breaking down, decaying and even losing teeth. By the time they have their first consultation with us, they often feel like their teeth are beyond repair. There is always a solution.  Everyone’s situation vary, so we use porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges sometimes combined with dental implants or partial dentures to restore the mouth entirely to full function.


    Professional tooth whitening using Phillips Zoom Ò or Colgate Optic White Professional Ò, is an effective, fast, economical and safe way to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. You can have your teeth whitened in our practice in one appointment, or we can provide you with an at-home kit. Whether you just want your teeth whitened quickly for a special occasion or are after a long-term solution, we will recommend  the best course of action during your initial consultation visit.

     Clear aligners (InvisalignÒ)

    InvisalignÒ is one brand of an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear aligner trays (plates) to progressively move the position of teeth over time. It is often used instead of braces. 3D software and x-rays are used to determine your ideal treatment plan and the removable aligners are custom manufactured. In some situations, braces will be offered to you as a better alternative because it can be quicker, cheaper and gives a better end result. At Coburg Dental Group, dr matthew Siebel will consult with you to offer the best orthodontic solution for your requirements.

    Amalgam removal 

    In years gone by, dental amalgam was the filling material of choice for cost effective fillings in back teeth where aesthetics was not a concern. However, amalgam contains mercury, silver, tin, lead, copper and traces of other metals which some health professionals have serious reservations about. As a result of many years of research, tooth coloured, plastic and glass-based , fillings known as composite resin fillings have largely replaced the use of amalgam. The composite resin fillings also require less drilling of teeth and so, are considered to more conservative and preserve the integrity and structure of the tooth.

    Some patients request the removal of dental amalgam for aesthetic or health concern reasons and we have the technology and equipment to remove  and replace the amalgam in a safe manner.

    I want to improve my smile…what do I need to do?

    We suggest you call 9386 1805 to make an appointment for an initial consultation to chat about your dental goals, treatment options and ballpark costs.  At that appointment the dentist will check you teeth, probably take some x-rays and photographs so that a treatment plan can be formulated.  If your treatment is likely to be complex, another appointment may then be scheduled to discuss your treatment in detail including exact costs.

    Once you have agreed to proceed with treatment, the dentist will make up a mock-up of your prosed smile for your perusal and approval.

    The definitive treatment is then undertaken and this may take several visits. For some patients the treatment is performed while they are sedated or asleep.

    About 1 week after your final treatment is completed and everything has had time to settle, you will have a review appointment just to make sure everything is as it should be.

    Regular 3 monthly appointments with our dental hygienist are then scheduled making sure your new smile and your gums stay beautiful and healthy.

    Delivering outstanding results

    We aim to deliver our patients with the best possible smiles and this all starts with meticulous planning. Our unique practice processes have been refined over many years of consistently providing the highest standard of dentistry. We believe you deserve the best from our dentists, highly skilled support staff including technicians to give you a new smile forever.

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.