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    Veneers – Are They The Answer for Straight, White Teeth?

    Having veneers placed over your teeth can be an intimidating option for teeth-whitening, as this process changes the structure of your teeth. But don’t worry! The processes have been streamlined and perfected by dentists in recent decades. Here’s more about veneers and the processes involved with having them placed on your teeth.

    What are dental veneers?

    Dental veneers, when applied to the surface of your teeth, will give you a bright and fresh smile. They are different from crowns, as they are applied to the front (visible) part of the tooth only. Veneers are about 0.5mm thick, and usually, feel undetectable and comfortable once applied.

    What dental flaws can veneers correct?

    Veneers can be used in situations where teeth are seriously crooked or discoloured. They are also a solution for situations like heavily worn tooth enamel, chipped or cracked teeth, or tooth spacing or alignment issues.

    What are veneers made from?

    Dazzling porcelain is used to make veneers because this material strongly resembles the appearance of natural teeth.

    Whilst porcelain veneers are standard, composite material veneers are also available for interested patients. They have a more opaque appearance but can be more affordable for patients.

    The process of having veneers placed

    If you are seriously considering getting veneers, here’s what the process may look like for you:

    1. visit your dentist to have your teeth measured for the veneers and to have your teeth prepared for the application of the veneers
    2. wait one or two weeks until the veneers are ready
    3. visit the dentist for teeth cleaning and application of the veneers with a strong bonding material – this includes the use of a curing light to harden the bonding agent and a polish at the end of the process

    Because teeth are modified before veneers are placed, keep in mind that this is an irreversible process. Talk to you dentist about veneers or any tooth-whitening option to be sure that the process you undertake will achieve your aesthetic and oral health goals.

    What will my veneers look like?

    Ask one of our dentists to create a Smile Simulation for you. We’ll take a photo of your smile and create your new smile without computer software. This will give you a great idea of what you can look like before the treatment has even started. It’s called SNAP.