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    The Top toothache Home Remedies That May Surprise You

    There are some toothache home remedies I’m sure you’ve never heard of. Although they may sound a little strange, they’re often effective and don’t have the side effects of traditional medicines. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive and can be found in your own kitchen.


    This is a common remedy for a toothache and it is also often used for sore throats. Put a half teaspoon of salt into one cup of very warm water. Stir it around and then swish it around your mouth for several minutes. The salt in the water draws fluid from the affected area. This reduces pressure on the nerve endings and thus relieves pain. Try not to swallow the salt water as excessive consumption can cause problems, such as nausea.

    Oil of cloves

    Oil of Cloves, or Eugenol, has both pains relieving and anti-microbial properties. Here’s how to use it:

    • mix 2-3 drops of oil of cloves with some olive or cooking oil and wet a piece of cotton with the mixture
    • place the cotton on your aching tooth
    • cover the oily cotton with a piece of dry cotton and bite down until you feel some pain relief

    If you don’t have oil of cloves, you can crush or grind some whole cloves and mix them with olive or cooking oil to get the same effect.


    When garlic is crushed or chopped, two chemicals join to form Allicin. Allicin can provide pain relief because it has antibiotic properties. Apply crushed or chopped garlic to your affected tooth. Try not to apply the garlic to your gums as it can be irritating.

    Salt and Pepper

    Mixed in equal amounts with a little water to make a paste, salt and pepper can provide pain relief. This is because the mixture has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Peppermint Tea Bags

    Peppermint has a numbing quality similar to cloves. Place a cooled wet tea bag on your toothache for at least 20 minutes. To cool the tea bag more quickly, place it in the freezer for several minutes.


    Raw onion may provide relief because it has antimicrobial properties. Place a slice directly on your affected tooth.

    What to do if your toothache persists

    Remember these home remedies do not resolve dental pain, merely masking the pain. Pain is a signal that something’s wrong. Don’t ignore it. A toothache could mean your tooth is infected, fractured or broken. If left untreated, more serious health problems could arise. Call to make an appointment to see your dentist if your toothache persists. Coburg Dental Group is open 7 days a week including all public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday.