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    Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist near Brunswick?

    Whilst we understand exactly what you mean by asking this, the Dental Board of Victoria and The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) does not permit dentists to call themselves “cosmetic dentists” because it is not a regulated dentist speciality. Restoring your smile to the smile which you’ve always wanted and giving you the self-confidence […]

    Teeth Cleaning Essendon

    Our comprehensive tooth cleaning service is undertaken by our Australian university trained dental hygienists. The hygiene department works under the supervision of our dentists who will check your teeth as part of your tooth cleaning appointment. If you live in Coburg, Brunswick or Essendon teeth cleaning services should be an exact and caring science.  Teeth […]

    How to Keep Teeth Healthy and Strong

    Most people will judge your overall hygiene by the state of your teeth. A bright smile will also add to your overall confidence. Maintaining the pearly whites, however, requires quite a bit of effort. Other than the proper use of teeth, such as avoiding activities such as opening bottles with your teeth, the following are […]