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    Looking for an Emergency Dentist near Brunswick

    We offer emergency dental pain relief to alleviate the symptoms of various dental related problems which can disrupt your oral health and cause a lot of discomfort. As an emergency dentist Brunswick and Coburg residents can be assured of a same day response to your needs 7 days a week (except public holidays) Need an emergency dental clinic in Brunswick, Essendon or Coburg? Our emergency dentist Brunswick clinics are based in Sydney Road and Moreland Road, in easy access from public transport including the number 19 tram on Sydney Road, the number 6 tram on Moreland Road, the Moreland Road Bus and the Upfield line train. This makes us the ideal choice for your emergency dentist appointment.

    Because of the type of pain you can experience with dental problems and its sometimes, sudden and extreme occurrence, we understand you will want to receive dental treatment quickly. At Coburg Dental Group emergency dental surgery on the border of Brunswick and Coburg, we can arrange emergency dental treatment and resolve it in a professional, gentle and delicate manner on the same day in most cases. Whilst an appointment is necessary in Coburg, we’ll be able to offer you an appointment on the same day without a potential long wait to be seen.

    Emergency dental treatment can involve treating any of the following:

    • Broken tooth
    • Toothache
    • Dental Abscess
    • Broken crown or bridge
    • Loose implant crown or bridge
    • Wisdom tooth pain
    • Trauma to the teeth or jaws
    • Ulcers
    • Sharp orthodontic wire
    • Broken denture

    If you are unfortunate to experience any of the above and need emergency dental treatment, please don’t hesitate to call us on 9386 1805 as soon as possible. Our receptionist or treatment co-ordinator can book you in for an emergency dentist appointment at our emergency dental clinic in Brunswick and Coburg.

    Broken Tooth

    If you chip your front tooth, break the side of a molar or a tooth splits, we can help. Underlying tooth decay can often be the reason why this happens as it weakens the tooth, or if you have excessive biting issues due to an unfavourable way of biting or chewing. As well as looking terrible, a broken tooth can become a dental emergency if left and the sharp edges hurt the tongue or cheeks. It can also expose the inner layer of the tooth called dentine, causing severe sensitivity which is especially noticeable when eating or drinking hot or cold foods or even when exposed to a cold wind.

    As a private emergency dentist Brunswick clinic, we will book you in for a broken tooth to assess the damage with an x-ray and possibly other tests and then advise the treatment needed including a quote for the treatment. If the broken tooth is located at the back of the mouth, for example, a tooth coloured filling (restoration) would normally be enough to resolve the problem on the same day. Visiting our emergency dental surgery in Brunswick or Coburg, will ensure your broken tooth is dealt with quickly, gently and carefully. For any extreme damage to teeth, our dental team will need to assess fully and provide you with relevant options to resolve, including prices, risks involved and the benefits of each option. We will ensure you’ll leave our clinic after treatment with a restored smile and pain free.


    Toothache can be very painful, and it can be the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. Normally described as a sharp pain that can start throbbing and sometimes even be felt along one side of the face up to the eye and back of your head. The pain is often caused by inflammation that can impinge the nerve fibres in the tooth resulting in severe pain or from pressure in an abscess in the surrounding bone.

    If the pain is ignored or subdued by taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers instead of booking an emergency dentist appointment, the problem can be difficult to correctly diagnose and if still ignored, could result in the spreading of the inflammation and infection to the bone and gums. This can also lead to obvious swelling of the face, which then you will need to seek emergency dental treatment and in some circumstances admission to hospital. When you visit one of our emergency dentists in Brunswick or Coburg,  we will numb the tooth and release the pressure that has built up to relieve the pain. The benefit is felt immediately. After this, we will then discuss the long-term prognosis of the tooth and the various treatment options available to you.

    Dental Abscess

    A dental abscess can be due to deep tooth decay causing a tooth infection which is not treated and it spreads to the surrounding bone, or even due to poor gum health around a specific tooth or teeth. This is known as periodontitis and is usually found when correct tooth cleaning protocols are not followed or if there is a tooth that is particularly difficult to clean. The build-up of plaque which contains harmful bacteria is the main issue in the majority of cases.

    The bacteria migrate from your gums to the supporting bone and this destruction leads to the formation of pus or infection that you will notice as a small swelling or even a lump on your gums. Other symptoms can be a bad breath or altered taste.

    Our private emergency dentist Brunswick clinic will be able to locate the origin of the issue and treat it promptly by either draining the abscess, cleaning the area or by prescribing antibiotics. This will decrease the amount of infection, allowing further treatment of the affected area at a future appointment. At our emergency dental clinic in Brunswick and Coburg, our dentist will also give you a treatment plan and quotation to treat the gum disease and suggest preventative care going forward.

    Broken Crown or Bridge

    A loose or broken crown or bridge can occur when the dentin or the foundation material weakens or is damaged. It can sometimes also be the “glue” which used that has dissolved and caused the metal or ceramic crown or bridge to come away from the tooth. Our Coburg dental team will be able to offer the most appropriate emergency treatment whatever the reason this has come away, offering to re-cement or bond the crown back on. We may offer to reinforce the tooth affected with a dental post and core if needed.  This may include fabricating a new custom-made dental crown.

    If you have a dental bridge that has loosened or fallen out, where artificial crowns are formed to bridge two teeth and replace a missing one, we will assess and resolve to re-cement or reglue the bridge if possible. If it is not, then it’s possible we will plan to make a new bridge for you.

    You’re welcome to visit our emergency dental surgery in Brunswick and Coburg whether we fitted the original crown or bridge, or if you got it elsewhere.

    Loose implant

    Dental implants are most commonly used to replace missing teeth as they are most functional and are aesthetically pleasing also. They last for many years but problems can occur rarely. An implant crown can become loose or the implant fixture can loosen or fail completely if correct oral hygiene is not adhered to. Sometimes if you experience a loose implant crown, it may be the crown, the abutment or the screw which is the problem. You may also notice part of the crown has chipped off, but in either event, our dentists will be able to resolve the issue.

    With a Brunswick emergency dentist appointment, we will examine and diagnose the issue of the problem area, find out the cause of the associated symptoms and resolve it promptly. Sometimes this may just involve a simple tightening of the abutment screw or re-cementing the crown, making sure the bite is favourable for proper implant function.

    Wisdom Tooth Pain

    Wisdom tooth pain is very common particularly in the 17 -25 year old age bracket. There is often not enough room in the jawbone for the wisdom teeth to grow or erupt through the gum properly. Because of this, they cause issues including pain and swelling and then get locked into the jaw or appear in an unsuitable position.

    If this happens then they can become difficult to clean properly, meaning poor maintenance leading to plaque build-up. Wisdom teeth decay will then cause pain and swelling of the gum region, called pericoronitis and causes discomfort when biting or moving your jaw.

    Our dental team will be able to assess your wisdom teeth and check any history of disease and look to deal with the cause of the pain. As a private emergency dentist,  Brunswick and Coburg clinic, we can offer same day resolutions to this, ranging from simple cleaning to antibiotic prescription or third molar extraction. We can also offer to do this under sedation in our rooms or a general anaesthetic in hospital to make the process as stress-free as possible.


    A very painful type of dental issue can result from trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, that needs emergency dental treatment . This is often very distressing to go through. The discomfort can vary depending on how damaged the teeth, jaw and gums are. Some of our dental team have experience in a hospital A&E environment and can offer the very best care for any trauma situation.

    During your emergency dentist appointment, a thorough examination will be needed, and this will check the head, neck and face to rule out any muscle, bone or tissue damage. The jaws and joints will be examined also and we may need to take a large radiograph to rule out any fractures of the teeth and jaws.

    Mouth Ulcers

    You may experience mouth ulcers for a variety of reasons. Characteristically they form as a break in the ‘skin’ of the mouth, know as mucosa, and can be singular or multiple in origin. The tongue, palate, gums, lips and inside of the cheeks can all be affected, and you will normally feel a burning (pain) sensation whilst eating or drinking, loss of appetite, mild swelling and inability to brush properly due to the pain and discomfort.

    Causes are vast such as poor hygiene, burns, decreased immunity, intra-oral trauma such as biting or a sharp, broken tooth, herpes simplex viral infections, a broken denture/orthodontic wire, a reaction to medication, radiation or chemo therapy, or even diseases such as AIDS, diabetes and hand foot and mouth disease.

    Most of the time, mouth ulcers will heal spontaneously without active treatment within a few weeks. If they are recurrent and/or long-standing then they could potentially be dangerous and lead to infection, cellulitis or even precancerous lesions. In these cases, it’s always best to have them assessed at one of our private emergency dentist Brunswick clinics. We can offer symptomatic relief by avoiding certain hot and spicy foods, drinking plenty of fluids, saline mouth rinses and overall continued good hygiene. Also, we may need to prescribe pain relief and anti-inflammatory tablets, antiseptic gels, steroid gels, possibly even antifungal, antiviral and immunosuppressive medication.

    Sharp Orthodontic Wire:

    If you require orthodontic treatment and the wiring becomes looser or abrasive this can cause discomfort and possible damage to the teeth and gums. A visit to our emergency dentist Brunswick or Coburg clinic will ensure that we can look to resolve any loose or annoying wires. We offer all our patients with dental wax, which can be placed over the sharp components of orthodontics. This helps to protect temporarily if in between a visit to us.

    The sticky dental wax would need to be warmed by rolling between the fingers, then placed on the affected area. A visit to our dental clinic will help to alleviate the pain and look to avoid ulcers as we can easily cut the excess wire or re-cement any loose brackets.

    Emergency Dentist Brunswick Treatment For You

    If you are unfortunate to suffer from any of the above dental issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling our emergency dental clinic in Brunswick or Coburg. As a private emergency dentist Brunswick clinic, our team will be able to resolve your dental issues on the same day and skilfully manage your treatment.

    If you need to book an emergency dentist appointment, please call us on 9386 1805

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.