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    Killer Tips for a Killer Smile

    Everybody wants a killer smile. Some people are even ready and willing to undergo oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry to achieve this goal. However, you can get a killer smile without resorting to drastic and expensive treatments. Here are some of our killer tips for a great smile.

    Take Care of Your Teeth

    It sort of goes without saying, but the most important step to having a nice smile is practicing good oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day. Make sure you’re using the right technique to brush all of the surfaces of your teeth and make sure you’re flossing thoroughly and correctly. For more information about the proper ways to brush and floss your teeth, read our blog article on it.

    Try a whitening toothpaste to really brighten up your smile, and choose a mouthwash that has fluoride in it and will strengthen your enamel. In addition, you’ll want a toothbrush with soft bristles so that they don’t damage your gums or strip away your tooth enamel. Electric toothbrushes are even more affective at removing plaque from your teeth. Good oral hygiene doesn’t just keep your mouth feeling nice and clean and cavity-free, but it also helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which could cause your gums to swell and bleed.


    Preventative Dentistry

    Good oral hygiene also includes your scheduled and regular trips to your dental hygienist. Check-ups are important for preventing problems, but they also give you a chance to have your teeth cleaned and polished professionally, making your smile absolutely killer.


    Quit Smoking and Beware Dark Drinks

    Smoking stains your teeth down to the enamel and damages healthy gums, causing them to recede and develop large pockets around the teeth, which makes the teeth look longer and creates dark spaces between them. Not exactly pretty.

    Dark drinks like coffee, soft drinks and red wine can also stain your teeth. It’s best to avoid these drinks if you wish to have a white, bright smile. However, if you cannot resist, try drinking through a straw so that you reduce your chances of your teeth being stained.


    Teeth Whitening

    If you really want a whiter, healthy-looking smile, there’s one quick and sure-fire way to get it. Teeth whitening treatments can be performed at the dentist or at home. Your dentist can either complete the procedure for you in office, which is much faster and effective, or you can take home a whitening kit from the dentist. The results show up in one or two weeks.

    Of course, there are at-home remedies, such as over-the-counter whitening strips or even the old baking soda remedy.


    Drink More Water, Eat Better

    Drinking more water helps flush out your mouth and prevent tooth decay. Tap water is best because it contains fluoride. In addition, try to stick to the main food groups and avoid starchy carbs and sugary snacks, as these are harmful for your teeth and can affect your smile.

    Book an appointment at Coburg Dental Group and let us assess your smile and offer you more tips on how to get a killer smile. For more information, give us a call in Melbourne today.