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    Why Get Regular Teeth Cleanings?

    If you neglect your teeth, you’re likely to suffer from severe decay, gum disease, gum recession and tooth loss.

    When you miss dental cleanings for a few years in a row, your teeth accumulate plaque and tartar. Tartar breeds bacteria and increases your chance of suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Let’s take a look at how regular tooth cleanings benefit you.

    1. You Can Undergo Oral Cancer Screenings

    When you walk in for a routine tooth cleaning, the dentist will have the opportunity to examine your mouth. He will be able to spot early signs of cancer and start diagnosis and treatment early. Some of the most common signs are sores, patches, and blisters located in the oral cavity. The cancer screening test is not painful and it only takes a couple of minutes.

    1. You Clean Your Teeth of Plaque

    Most people develop some plaque, you’re likely to have plaque build-up when you visit the dentist. The dentist will use special tools to break down plaque and polish your teeth. Your teeth will look healthy and they won’t suffer from gum issues and decay.

    1. Early Detection of Tooth Problems

    Once your teeth are free from plaque and stains, the dentist will be able to examine them for problems. He will identify minor holes or cracks and make you aware of potential problems that need treatment. If you attend to these problems in time, you’ll save both time and money on dental procedures.

    1. Help your Teeth Last Longer

    Your teeth should last you a lifetime. But with the amount of wear and tear they undergo, they’re likely to get damaged. If you get a regular cleaning, you will be able to keep your teeth healthy for many years to come. Moreover, the dentist will perform fillings and other restorative procedures on time. It’s thus important to schedule yearly visits to the dentist.

    1. Correct Malocclusions of the Jaw

    This is particularly true for children. If you take your children for teeth cleanings, the dentist will be able to identify malocclusions and correct them in time. Since children continue growing, you will only be able to correct improper bite and other issues quickly if you start treatment early. 

    1. Take Preventive Measures

    When you visit the dentist for a routine cleaning, he will talk to you about your oral problems and suggest a few preventive measures. It could be as simple as switching to a different type of brush or toothpaste. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity or bad breath, the dentist will tell you which products to use. He may also talk to you about making certain lifestyle changes so you don’t face many oral problems in the future.

    Dental Services and Teeth Cleaning

    For professional teeth cleaning, visit Coburg Dental Group. Our experienced dental practitioners perform a whole range of dental services like teeth whitening, extraction, root canal therapy, and laser dentistry. We also offer frenectomies, cancer treatments and dental implants. 

    Our practice boasts of state of the art equipment, 9 dentists, 4 hygienists and 2 dental therapists. So whether you need teeth cleaning or oral cancer screening, don’t hesitate to drop by. We work extended hours and we’re happy to do home visits for the elderly. If you need professional family dentistry, give us a call on 03 9386 1805 or visit us online to find out more about cleaning and teeth whitening.