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    Women’s Dentist Brunswick

    Most aspects of medical and dental care are the same for all people but there are some issues in dentistry which are specifically an issue for females.  We recognize that sometimes these issues can be sensitive or embarrassing and that some people would prefer to see a female dentist.  If you’re looking for a female […]

    What is sleep dentistry and who should get it?

    Are you looking for sleep dentistry Melbourne? Coburg Dental Group has been performing sleep dentistry for over 50 years in our dedicated facility.  Our specialist anaesthetist is a medically qualified specialist who can offer a full general anaesthetic, a twilight sleep or a sedation for our patients aged from 2 years. Sleep Dentistry Melbourne at Coburg […]

    Are you looking for a dentist Campbellfield?

    We know you’ll be happy with the short trip to receive the very best that dentistry can offer at Coburg Dental Group which is situated in Sydney Road. We are conveniently located for users of public transport and we are open 7 days a week (except for public holidays). Our modern, state-of-the-art facility and equipment […]

    Teeth Cleaning and Prevention

    Patients looking for teeth cleaning Pascoe Vale or surrounding areas need look no further than Coburg Dental Group. Our experienced team of 5 dentists and 6 dental hygienists will help you to maintain your healthy teeth and smile. Teeth Cleaning and Prevention  We all know that we need to brush and floss our teeth to […]