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A Survey of Sports Drinks Consumption Amongst Adolescents

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A study entitled ‘A survey of sports drinks consumption amongst adolescents’, published in the British Dental Journal (2016) found that a high percentage of 12-14 year olds regularly consume sweet sugary sports and energy drinks. These drinks increase their risk of obesity and tooth erosion. “Unfortunately there is wide appeal to consume sports drinks and/or energy drinks in a social…

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Dementia Treatment

Patients with dementia have special needs

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The British Dental Health Foundation has released new findings that suggest that dentists may be able to detect the early stages of dementia in people through the state of their oral health given that many suffering from the disorder are often unable to maintain good oral health, a key indicator of their broader health decline. Dr Jeff Kestenberg, the principal…

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Tooth Decay Tratment

Effects of Sugar on Oral Health

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A study by Newcastle University researchers into the effects of sugars on our oral health recommends cutting down on the sweet additive as part of a global initiative to reduce tooth decay. Since 1990, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that intake of ‘free sugars’should be less than 10% of toal energy (calorie) intake. Free sugars are sugars that are…

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United Nations

WHO calls for “phase down” of dental amalgam

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At a 2-day United Nations meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in mid-November 2009, 29 experts from 15 countries concluded that the world wide use of dental amalgam results in 180 to 240 tons of mercury being discharged into air, soil and water each year, whilst 80 to 100 metric tons are recycled, sequestered or disposed of securely. Whilst in the United…

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