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    Is Sleep Dentistry A Wise Choice?

    Are you looking for sleep dentistry in Melbourne? Are you anxious, or nervous about having dental treatment done? Do you need to have multiple procedures or lengthy procedures performed such as wisdom teeth removal, All-on-4 implants or lots of fillings? Or would you simply prefer to sleep through your next dental appointment? Would you like […]

    Oral Manifestations of Covid-19

    It has been reported that patients with COVID-19 infection who have had the disease for a long time—termed “long haulers”—described  problems in their mouths including teeth loosening or falling out, sensitive gums, teeth turning a darker or grey colour, and teeth developing cracks. Although many health professionals may question whether there is a direct link between SARS-CoV-2 […]

    Losing Your First Tooth

    Losing your first tooth is usually a major milestone for a child. Children’s feelings are predominantly positive when they lose their first baby tooth especially when the tooth fairy comes and the child receives a reward, but that’s not always the case. An interdisciplinary team of dental researchers and developmental and health psychologists at the […]

    What could be causing pain or discomfort in my mouth?

    By Dr Jeffrey Kestenberg Patients who attend the doctor or the dentist with symptoms that they have persisted with for several weeks, months and even years, are seen in our clinic on almost a daily basis. Your body is telling you something when you experience pain, discomfort, itchiness, sensitivity to temperature change, a burning sensation, […]