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    What to do About Bad Breath

    If bad breath is getting you down, you may think you just need a few extra mints to solve the problem. But that’s just masking the issue. If you really want to address your bad breath, here are some tips on what you can do. Tip #1 – brush and floss more frequently Food that […]

    Straight Teeth – The Benefits Are Not Just Cosmetic

    For many people, straight teeth are synonymous with the perfect smile. This is why millions of people seek out cosmetic dentistry services every year. Did you know, however, that having straight teeth yields more benefits than simply a perfect smile? Straight teeth can actually promote better overall oral health and physical well-being. Here’s a look […]

    School Holiday Special

    School holidays are a great time to book your child in for a check-up so that they don’t miss out on school time. And why not combine that with a touch of school holiday fun at the movies? If you book your child in during the school holidays, you will receive a free movie ticket […]

    Orthodontics Free Consultation Offer

    Book soon for a limited offer: Free initial consult for orthodontics Valued at $195.   Terms and conditions: This offer is for new and existing patients. The first appointment is one hour fixed braces consultation only Patients aged over 7 would need to have x-rays (bulk-billed) at a centre located in Bundoora, Carlton or CBD […]